ATTENTION! On canceled flights due to major cause of force by risk of CORONAVIRUS, COMPENSATION DOES NOT APPLY, but WE CAN CLAIM A REFUND OF YOUR TICKET.

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Service's prices

Reclamio is a platform that helps users resolve their claims with companies.

At Reclamio we have a team of complaints experts who deal directly with the company through the most effective channels to recover your compensation.

How much will the claim cost me?

To file the claim is completely free and has no initial cost to you.

We do not charge any services until the resolution has been successfully resolved. In this case, our compensation is drawn directly from the compensation received by the airline and it corresponds to 25% + VAT.

Are there any additional costs in case of legal action?

Often, airlines refuse to pay the compensation you are eligible to, claiming factors out of their control or shifting the responsibility to third parties, even when that is not exactly true. In cases like this, our lawyers take legal actions for you to get your reimbursement.

Reclamio will pay all the costs, including court fees and attorney fees. No matter if the case is won or lost, Reclamio pays all the additional costs. There are many costs involved in taking legal action, but none for you.

If we win your compensation after a legal action, you'll be charged 40% + VAT.

What happens if I lose? How much doest it will cost me?

Nothing, in case of losing, we assume all the costs of the process.

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