ATTENTION! On canceled flights due to major cause of force by risk of CORONAVIRUS, COMPENSATION DOES NOT APPLY, but WE CAN CLAIM A REFUND OF YOUR TICKET.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reclamio is a company specialized in flight claims. We are dedicated to claiming compensation from airlines on behalf of customers for delays, cancellations, overbooking or baggage problems on their flights.

We are a completely independent company to all airlines with 98% effectiveness in resolving flight claims. We handle complaints against major airlines such as: Iberia, Norwegian, Vueling, Ryanair, EasyJet...

Putting the claim is very easy and fast. Simply provide us with the details and documentation of the affected flight and sign an authorization, so that our lawyers can claim on your behalf, using a simple form.

Complaints for accompanying persons

If you know more passengers affected, filling out the form once is sufficient.

At the end of the first claim you will be able to specify the list of passengers who are also interested in claiming. We will process their claims directly with them and request their documents and authorization signed.

If the accompanying persons are minors, the parents or legal guardians must sign the authorization.

If you want to verify if your flight can be claimable, please enter your trip details on our website and we will tell you whether you are eligible for a compensation or not.

If you are, you must complete the online form in oder to handle the claim.

To file a claim is free of charge and has no initial cost to you.

We do not charge any services until the resolution has been successfully resolved. In this case, our fees are drawn directly from the compensation received by the airline, resulting in no direct cost to you. Fees are 25% (+ VAT), and additionally, in case of initiating legal actions, 15% (+ VAT)

The documentation required varies depending on the type of claim. But in all cases it is essential to have a boarding pass.

That is why we ask you to keep it always. Or if you have it in a mobile app, take a screenshot to store it on your phone.

If you do not have any of the requested documents, you must let us know as soon as possible.

Baggage claims

For baggage claims, it is essential to submit the PIR (Baggage Irregularity Part).

In case of damage you have up to 7 days to request it. In case of loss or delay up to 21 days. You can request it either at the airport itself or by other means as directed by the airline itself.

You can claim all expenses arising from the incident as long as you can prove them, including:

  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transport between the airport and the accommodation
  • Alternative ticket
  • Events, excursions or car rentals previously contracted
  • Class change
  • Food and drink

Given the very nature of the service, once the claim form has been completed, the claim process is considered to have begun.

Even if all the necessary documentation is not available, we are already proceeding with the complaint against the airline.

Once you have signed the authorisation and completed the claim form, we proceed to send an out-of-court document to the airline in order to try to reach a friendly agreement with the airline and expedite the process so that you receive your compensation as soon as possible.

The company has a period of 3 months to reply to the agreement. If after this deadline we do not have a satisfactory response, we will pass your case to our legal department at no additional cost to you.

The legal department will file your complaint and file it in the court closest to your home. The approximate deadlines are 8 to 10 months from the moment of filing the claim. Unfortunately, this procedure is not up to us and is usually prolonged due to the saturation of the courts.

No, taking legal action has no additional cost to you.

We charge all additional expenses such as attorneys' fees or legal fees. Even if you don't win the claim, you won't have any additional charges.

There are cases where airlines contact the passenger directly to try to reach an agreement for a much lower compensation than they have to pay under the European Union Regulation.

What you need to do in these cases is to inform us as soon as possible so that we can contact the airline and continue the claim process to get you the compensation due to you.

By signing the authorisation you agree that Reclamio can process the claim on your behalf and notify us whenever the airline contacts you personally.

We will contact you by email whenever we have any news about your case. If you do not receive anything, there is no major change to report.

If you have not received any email from us, check that our emails do not reach you in the spam folder.

Reclamio has 98% success stories. However, if your case was not resolved successfully, you would not have any expense.

It is a clause applied by some airlines canceling the return ticket when the one-way ticket has not been used.

It has been considered abusive because it goes against the rights of passengers, so it is possible to claim for it.

You can claim it through our portal as overbooking.

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